Prevents passage of water through concrete renders. It also stops water absorption.

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Binder for road stabilization and suppressing of dust on dirt roads.

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Dry non-explosive demolition agent having capability of demolishing rocks or concrete structures very safely without causing noise, vibration or environmental pollution.

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All in one sealer for surface impregnation, sealing and hardening.

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ROAD-TEX is s powder product mixed with water used for road stabilization and dust suppression on dirt roads and other applications.

Typical Applications

  • Dust suppressant of industrial processes in many applications.
  • Road stabilisation to bind and stabilise a road layer.
  • Dust binding of unpaved roads.
  • To prevent wind erosion.


ROAD-TEX has excellent bonding properties. In wood the substance acts as a binder between the individual wood cells, and helps to make wood material extremely resistant to impact, compression and bending.

The same happens when the product substance is mixed with other minerals such as soil, sand and aggregate. ROAD-TEX acts as a binder and glues the particles in the surface together. In a road surface this will produce a smooth, hard and good friction surface.


  • Elimination and reduction in road dust.
  • Economical road stabilisation material.
  • Reduction in road water spraying.
  • Easy to use.
  • Harmless and non toxic to humans, animals and plant life.
  • Environmentally friendly.


ROAD-TEX is available in 25kg bags.

Technical Standard Data

Appearance: Brown powder
PH Value (10% solution): 3.3 +/- 1.0
Moisture: 5% max
Total reducing matter: 4% max
Calcium Ca Content: 5.0%
Sulphur S Content: 5.0%
Reducing Sugars: 20%
Dry Matter %: 93.0 (m/m) min
Insoluble (45% solution v/v): 2.5%
Bulk Density: 550 kg/m3

ROAD-TEX as a Dust Suppressant

The instant dust suppressant method is preferably used on areas which have dried up and are starting to be dusty. Typical applications are:
  • Dirt and unpaved roads
  • Construction sites
  • Quarries
  • Race tracks
  • Open dirt fields
  • Sports fields
  • Paddocks
  • Road shoulders
  • Mining application

The aim is to bind smaller particles to form larger particles to prevent dust. The treatment will last longer than could be achieved with watering alone. It is the easiest and most cost effective way to get a dust-free environment. To obtain a good result ROAD-TEX is mixed with water to a 5% to 8% solution. Between 1 and 1.5 liters of this solution per m2 is spread as evenly as possible over the surface.

The treatment should be repeated when the surface starts to dust again. If this treatment is done without any rainfall in between, the amount of ROAD-TEX in the solution can be reduced. Sometimes water alone is sufficient.

ROAD-TEX as a Road Stabilization

This method is used to bind and stabilize a road layer, with thickness between 50mm and 200m.
ROAD-TEX is used in road stabilization to:
  • Reduce maintenance,
  • Increase bearing capacity of existing road material,
  • Consolidate and improve the quality of the existing road material.

The amount of ROAD-TEX required is between 1% and 3% if the weight of the road material to be bound, calculated as dry matter on dry aggregate.

The ROAD-TEX powder and water should be mixed with the aggregate. This is normally done with a cultivator or a grader. The total amount of water added (existing + added) should be as close to the optimal water content for compaction of the aggregate as possible. Normally the mixing operation should be done in steps, depending on the effectiveness of the equipment used.

When a grader is used the existing road material is bladed into wind-rows. ROAD-TEX is mixed in successively by moving the wind-rows from one side to the other. This should be done layer by layer to ensure a proper mix. It is important to keep consistent moisture in the aggregate during the whole operation. Some of the ROAD-TEX material should be spread as a 20% solution on the top, when the road is formed into a proper A-type crown with 3% to 4% declination.

Immediately after spreading, the road should be compacted by rubber wheel roller or heavy lorries. After compaction the surface can be preferably smoothed by aid of steel wheel roller.

Application Procedure

Mix 50 Kg of ROAD-TEX powder with 950 liters of water (or 1:19 ratio mix) of clean water and mix fully until all powder has dissolved. Mixed product is then ready for application.


Apply 1 litre of mixed product as described above at a rate of 1 liter per 1m2 of area to be treated.

Application rates can vary depending upon the material composition and compaction. For best results ROAD-TEX must be applied to a substrate that is adequately drained, well grated, crowned and compacted. Moisture content and precipitation during and immediately after application may effect results. Recommended 24 hours drying time. 48 hours is the optimum drying time, before next application and before next anticipated precipitation.

Shelf Life

Minimum one year when stored in dry conditions.