Prevents passage of water through concrete renders. It also stops water absorption.

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Binder for road stabilization and suppressing of dust on dirt roads.

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Dry non-explosive demolition agent having capability of demolishing rocks or concrete structures very safely without causing noise, vibration or environmental pollution.

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All in one sealer for surface impregnation, sealing and hardening.

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FLOOR-TITE is our new high performance clear sealer product. It has superb quality, is very easy to use and apply and can be used on many different surfaces as:


  • Clear sealer,
  • Surface hardener and
  • Enamel coating.
It is also ideal for use in:
  • Warehouses,
  • Garages,
  • Walkways,
  • Certain Tiled Areas (porous),
  • Any floor where surface improvement (e.g. Dust-Proofing) is required.
This product can be applied to damp surfaces and can also be over-coated with another product e.g. paint, epoxy etc. It can in fact be used as a final wearing surface as well.

Flooring Problems? Dusty, flaking or porous floor? FLOOR-TITE sealer will remedy this. Two coats and the floor will be stronger more dense and more impervious to any spillages of oil, water etc.

Sealing Problems? Need a good sealer that needs little maintenance?
This product will enhance and improve the following substrates:

  • Concrete,
  • Brick,
  • Stone,
  • Limestone,
  • Porous floor tiles,
  • Grouting between tiles
  • And many more substrates!

It helps to bind the surface of the substrate together making it strong and much more resilient. It also offers excellent economical coverage and it can be brush or spray applied.
It is available in 5, 25 & 200 litres drums. For further details please contact us via email.
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WATER-TITE Concentrate Powder is a component used in producing a waterproof admixture. This admixture can then be added to traditional sand/cement mixes to produce waterproof mortar, waterproof cement, waterproofing concrete and renders. AZUL HOLDINGS LTD., offer WATER-TITE Concentrate Powder to help manufacture produce the waterproof admixture locally mixing it with other locally selected and available materials which then offer an effective and economical waterproofing admixture, similar to popular brands such as Pudlo, Sikalite and Super Sikalite. Moreover AZUL HOLDINGS LTD., is now offering, in selected territories, supply of WATER-TITE Concentrate Powder as well as formulations, recommended machinery and technical expertise to help make a truly local business! The key benefits are listed below:
  • Easy to manufacture and mix.
  • Very cost effective as the WATER-TITE Concentrate Powder is classed as a raw material for import and tariff purposes.
  • A superbly technically robust product.
  • Simple and easy use of machinery used for the manufacture process.
  • Very cost effective with good profit opportunities.
  • There is strong demand for this type of product.
  • 'Local Content' usually makes this popular with local Government 'Grant' initiatives.
We are looking for interested partners to manufacture this product in their own markets and we offer a full service and technical background. We also offer complementary products which can be added to produce a local range of products.
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KRACK-TITE non explosive demolition agent is used for the safe, silent and economical removal of rock, marble and other dense materials as well as for efficient concrete demolition. And along with this unique product at Azul Holdings we are also able to offer superb technical advice and support covering many different applications. Whatever application, concrete demolition scenario or general situation you may have, we will offer you the most economical and practical solution. So any challenges or issues you may face, please contact us via email and we will endeavour to offer you the most suitable solution and recommendation. We are also very pleased to announce that we have appointed a new UK & Ireland distributor who will carry stocks locally in the United Kingdom. Our silent demolition product KRACK-TITE is manufactured and packed in the European Union and Clok Associates will offer supply, logistics and technical support from their office based in the United Kingdom. This new UK & Ireland distributor have a long experience in construction materials and chemicals and they will cover the United Kingdom and Ireland areas with immediate effect. They are also able to offer supply further afield if necessary. Clok Associates will soon be offering other products from Azul Holdings and their affiliate companies. For more details please visit silentdemolition.net
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We have now published the new ROAD-TEX Application Manual, which is available on our ROAD-TEX product sub-site. ROAD-TEX is ideal product for dust suppression, soil stabilisation and road stabilisation and serves also as gravel preserver and binder. It is the perfect solution for the construction of roads in challenging conditions and environments where this product can be fully relied upon and offers very good and quality results.
The improved ROAD-TEX Application Manual document should now help you to better understand how this product shall be handled, applied and how it works in different environments.
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ROAD-TEX is very good product for dust suppression, soil and road stabilisation and serves also as gravel preserver and binder. It is the ideal solution for the construction of roads in challenging conditions and environments and we sell this product throughout Africa (Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa etc.) and the Middle East (United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, etc.). Our clients are both Contractors and Applicators and we are able to supply this material both in large and small quantities. Our ROAD-TEX product has superb quality and integrity and can be relied upon to offer very good results in desired areas of dust suppression, soil stabilisation and road stabilisation. Finally let us highlight some of the main product advantages: very easy use, application and handling, quick drying and cost effective. Please be also informed that in the background our team has started to work on the new ROAD-TEX application manual and in conjunction we will be also improving and updating ROAD-TEX technical datasheet and MSDS document. So, kindly watch for the next news related to publication of new ROAD-TEX application manual and revised datasheets.
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KRACK-TITE non explosive demolition agent is a very safe, silent and economical option when used for concrete demolition and rock breaking, stone, marble , granite quarrying excavations and mining applications. This is a great product to use when mining precious metals e.g. diamonds. The benefits of using KRACK-TITE silent demolition material are many and some of them are listed below:
  • Higher penetration yields can be gained using KRACK-TITE with no explosives, blasting or safety issues.
  • KRACK-TITE can be used to produce exact sizing of blocks to be cut with little or no wastage.
  • No special licenses or permits necessary. No safety issues either above or below the ground.
  • KRACK-TITE is ideal in mining as there is no flying debris or other safety issues. Very little clean-up costs after the process of cracking has been achieved.
  • KRACK-TITE is ideal to use when mining precious metals or stones. KRACK-TITE does not break or destroy the brittle material (precious metal or stone e.g. emeralds) concentrating only on the surrounding area of the precious metal or stone.
  • No personnel evacuation required when using KRACK-TITE non explosive demolition agent. Therefore reduced labour, power and maintenance costs can be achieved.
  • Totally safe to use on 'live' working sites reducing so the extra costs associated with using explosives.
  • KRACK-TITE can be used in heavily dangerous areas without compromising the safety of personnel and machinery.
  • KRACK-TITE allows hoisting operations can be significantly reduced offering power and maintenance cost reduction and at the same time very silent demolition.
  • KRACK-TITE is supplied in robust plastic buckets ensuring maximum freshness and shelf life and ease of transport and storage. This significantly reduces breakage and spillages.
For more details please consult our TECHNICAL APPLICATION HANDBOOK.
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We will shortly launch a new Clear Sealer Product for walls, floors and in fact for anything where a good robust, consistent and economical sealer is required. This is a new high performance Clear Sealer Product offering superb quality and is very easy to use and can be applied on many different surfaces such as:
  • Concrete
  • Brick
  • Stone
  • Limestone
  • Porous Floor Tiles
  • Grouting between Tiles
It helps to bind the surface of the substrate together making it strong and resilient. It also offers excellent economical coverage and based on this, it is ideal for use in:
  • Warehouses
  • Garages
  • Walkways
  • Certain Tiled Areas (porous)
  • Any Floor where surface improvement (e.g. Dust-Proofing) is required
This product can be applied to damp surfaces and can also be over-coated with another product such as paint, epoxy etc. It will be available in 5, 25 & 200 litres drums.
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Azul Holdings Limited recently has started cooperation with Reva International L.L.C which is our new partner office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This company shall be offering our basic range of products like KRACK-TITE non-explosive demolition agent, ROAD-TEX used for road stabilisation and dust suppression and WATER-TITE admixture with effect to waterproof mortar and waterproof concrete. The main focus of this new partnership is to satisfy our clients in United Arab Emirates, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other Middle East countries and we consider it a great opportunity to enhance our business activities in Middle East area. We have KRACK-TITE stock available locally with Reva International L.L.C so please contact us via email for any inquiries or direct supplies of our unique non-explosive demolition agent or other materials.
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Most people associate KRACK-TITE non-explosive demolition agent as a product primarily to remove rock and for concrete demolition and it is indeed very successful in offering a safe, silent and economical solution for these purposes.

However, KRACK-TITE is also an excellent product for use in the Mining and Slab Cutting Industries such as granite, marble etc. KRACK-TITE can be used silently, safely and very economically for example in Mining where it can be used both above and below ground without the need for explosives or other hazardous materials.

In the Slab Cutting Industries, KRACK-TITE can be used to remove large and small layers of slabs before final cutting and finishing into smaller pieces.

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WATER-TITE waterproof admixture is the perfect product to make waterproofing concrete and mortar. It is simple to use, easy to mix, very efficient and economical. Basically just add it to cement, sand and water to produce a more dense and impervious concrete or mortar which can be then used in floors, screeds, and general concrete and anywhere a water-proof element is required.

Dubai based company AZUL HOLDINGS have number of licensee opportunities around the world where we will supply to selected partners our WATER-TITE CONCENTRATE for local manufacture. This includes the supply of the WATER-TITE CONCENTRATE, details of suitable machinery and packing equipment as well as templates for bags, labels and the formulation for WATER-TITE product from which waterproof mortar, waterproof cement and waterproofing concrete can be easily prepared.

It is advantageous and far more economical to produce the product "In-Your-Country" and you will be surprised how low cost and easy the production, procedure and all the processes are when you want to manufacture and sell this material in your own territory.

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Azul Holdings Limited of Dubai recently supplied an order for KRACK-TITE NON-EXPLOSIVE DEMOLITION AGENT to SOMALIA (Eastern Africa) where we were met with some serious challenges namely:
  • Our client needed the product quickly for the site where concrete demolition and concrete removal was required so we were asked to air freight the product into Mogadishu, Somalia.
  • Exporting a non-explosive demolition agent by air freight, given the lack of transport routes into Somalia was theoretically very difficult. However, we overcame this challenge with the help of the excellent logistics team in London, United Kingdom.
  • We assisted the client in clearing the goods and despite all these challenges and in conjunction with our superb logistics team in London, we were able to successfully deliver our silent demolition product in a timely manner.

With our product, service and logistics team we are able to meet and exceed the client's expectations for the supply of KRACK-TITE NON-EXPLOSIVE DEMOLITION AGENT and our other materials. It is one thing having a great silent demolition product, but quite another in being able to supply all our materials anywhere in the world, even to the most challenging areas! So, try us out and see for yourself! KRACK-TITE non-explosive demolition agent is suitable for concrete demolition and concrete removal anytime!

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We always have KRACK-TITE NON-EXPLOSIVE DEMOLITION AGENT on stock and we can supply ANYWHERE in the world both quickly and efficiently. Currently we have stock available locally through our agents in:
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Lagos, Nigeria
Do not hesitate to contact us and we can send you further details about our silent demolition product and other materials. We also carry a large stock of KRACK-TITE non-explosive demolition agent in London, United Kingdom at our logistical headquarters and this can be sent by sea or air freight very quickly all around the world. If collection ex-works is preferred this can be arranged as well.